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Marrakech, Morocco

We got in around 11pm last night, the Riad El Wiam, where we are staying for the night came to pick us from the airport and drive us to the Riad. A Riad is really just their version of a Bed and Breakfast. Going through the streets of Marrakech there is one plain and evident thing, there are no strict street laws. The streets are full of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, we later found out you do not need a license to drive any of these. We met with the owners of the Riad and they were beyond nice, overly friendly. They served us mint tea and small desserts while we talked about the room, how to get around and the city itself. Around midnight is when we finally got into the room and just kno

Royal Palace // Adiós Madrid

The last two days were kind of crazy, but you have to take the good with the bad sometimes when you travel on a budget. We planned to leave for Morocco yesterday and woke up early because we missed the Royal Palace tours a couple days ago and wanted to make sure we got in there. So we ate breakfast at the rooftop bar in the hotel, went for a dip in the pool that looks over the entire city of madrid, packed our bags and checked out. Then headed to the Palace! The Palace Royal didn't allow photos inside but it was everything royal! Tapestries line every wall and ceiling, unless they were hand painted or marbled from top to bottom. Everything handmade, sewn, etc. I wish I could tell you to goog

University of Alcalá

Im going to split todays blog in two, this morning we woke up and met my brother for the bus to head to the school he teaches at! We got a little lost and well ended up making him late... sorry! He teaches at an international school in Alcalá, it is one of the oldest cities in Spain dating back to the 1st Century. We got to hang around his school for about an hour, meeting all the kids and they were the sweetest, most of them middle school age. They were so excited to try their English out and couldn't believe we had travelled all the way from The United States! They were shy and sweet and just perfect. They let Doug go early, which allowed us to explore this city and its vast history. We fi

Reina Sofia, Flamenco and La Fiebre

After parting with my Brother we headed to the Reina Sofia, Madrids Modern Art Museum! We were running a little later than we expected due to the long lunch so we walked pretty quickly throughout the museum taking in everything we could. We had a little pamphlet to guide us around and give us a little information on each piece. It was everything you ever expected a modern museum to be. I was in awe of so many paintings I've only seen in art history books. We didn't take very many pictures even though you were allowed to we just felt like our cameras couldn't do the justice these paintings deserved. We got to walk through Richard Serra's exhibit, Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi. And the outd

The Prado, Caixa Forum, Madrid

Yesterday we woke up ate breakfast at our hotel, Dear Hotel and it was pure bliss. Everything you can ever think on a buffet it was there. We sat there for a couple hours planning out our week because we had just not really done it. The view from the top of the hotel where we were sitting you could see the whole city of Madrid! We then headed off to the Prado Museum. You're not allowed photos inside, so we put our cameras and jackets in the convenient lockers in the front and went on our way. Embarrassingly we spent over 6 hours there. I just could not contain my excitement for everything they had. Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch and The Thi

El Rastro, Churros and Segovia

Today we woke up, met my brother in the La Latina area, got a typical Spanich breakfast of Chocolate and Churros and wanted to bath the in the little cup the chocolate came in it was so delicious. After breakfast we walked around El Rastro, the largest flea market in Madrid, housing antique shops, thrift shops and artists covering blocks and blocks lined up along the streets. It was literally shoulder to shoulder sometimes. It's also where I bought everyones gifts I picked up for family back home. It was my little piece of paradise for the day! Then we headed off to Segovia, because of me being stuck at El Rastro we headed out a little later than we expected... sorry guys! As soon as we got

Toledo and Defensive Walls

Today we ventured outside the city of Madrid to Toledo! Its the weekend so my brother has off work so we decided to take that opportunity with him to explore outside the city and use his fluent Spanish skills to get around. We met up with Doug at the bus station got some Bocadillos and some fresh water and waited for our bus. Tickets were 3.50 Euros each and an hour bus ride later we got dropped off in Toledo. The weather was just perfection. The history of Toledo is really quite amazing if you have time to read up on it. We had plenty of time on our bus ride. I'm the kind of tourist that buys a book and wants to know about everything we visit or see! I love exploring new pieces of the city

From NOLA to Madrid, Delta

We woke up extra early to get to the airport for our flight. Flying has to be one my favorite things, mostly I think its because I know I am going somewhere. Two hour flight to Atlanta to jump on the next plane to Madrid! Flying Delta is always the best experience. The service, the food, the space. It was quite relaxing on the 11 hour flight over. As soon as we landed we found our bags and met with my brother Doug, who has been living in Madrid the last two years. Our hotel check in wasn't until 2 so we dropped by his quaint little apartment, left our bags and headed out to explore the city. I love that everything is walking distance or just a bus/metro stop away. He lives in the oldest part

Branding with The Resilience Foundation

We leave for Spain in two weeks so I have a few open projects I am working on finishing before we leave the country for 16 days! I started freelancing with Creative Distillery, a small branding firm in Jackson, MS. They found me on LinkedIn and had me come in and we hit it off immediately. They had me jump right in on a project to get it to the client before we leave. The Resilience Foundation is a new nonprofit that will provide care packages to survivors of sexual assault. The care packages will be distributed at hospitals by social workers, and include useful items that can help make a survivor feel comfortable after undergoing trauma of an attack and the medical and police examination to

Branding Rubs with The Knight Butcher

The Knights came to me with a new venture on wanting to sell the specific rubs they use! We talked and came up with the ideas, ordered the bottles and made the labels. Its always fun when you get to work on packaging for any product. We stuck with the hand drawn style, mimicking their logo//brand and created a quirky slogan that totally fits their aesthetic and personalities. So here you have The Knight Butcher Rub line: #Branding

Not My Type

Saturday heading to the park to get a little picnic in with the husband and pup and brought a few props to take some photos of this rad shirt from Honey and the Hive. Enjoy! You can also purchase the shirt here :) and that perfect skirt from Modcloth! #Fashion

Branding with The Knight Butcher

We went through the whole process of opening a business from scratch. Working with Chad and Terri Knight was such a breeze, talk about dream clients! They're both from MS but had been living in Seattle the last 3 years. They just decided to go up move and live there because, why not? They experienced so much, travelled, explored and saved money to open their own Butcher shop, which is what Chad went to school for. They really are the all American family! They chose downtown Laurel and its the cutest place around here. Their last name is Knight, and they loved the idea of using an actual Knight as the logo but holding a cleaver. I for one was down for the challenge! They knew they wanted it t

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