I'm Bridget

A southern based graphic artist and founder of everything Blended, a lifestyle blog with

an eye for art, design, travel and motherhood.

Pink Dip Dye Betty Weave

Playing with Dyes and Dip Dying and loving the process of it! Here is my first betty weave attempt!!

Branding with Shepard State Park, Gautier

I was so lucky to work with the City of Gautier on updating the Shepard Park Branding, Maps and Hand outs. We spent about a month perfecting the trails, the loops, the playgrounds, etc. They have really put a lot of time and money updating their parks for camping and renting out spaces. They have added a disc golf course and more campgrounds, a small boat launch. They needed something up to date that would showcase all of the work they have put in. It was fun putting this huge project together. Here is Shepard State Park and its Maps. #Branding

Branding with Traci Stover

Traci has been a long time friend, for over 10 years I have known her to be the artist, mother, teacher and mentor. I have watched her kids grow from when I watched them at 5 and 7 years old to learning how to drive and moving out of the house. They've just come to accept I am apart of their family and probably will never be able to get rid of me. Traci has always been someone who inspires me, pushes me and allows me to cry on her shoulder when I need it most. When I met Traci, she was my art teacher, my 2D Color art teacher and she taught me everything I know about color. Out of school, we became very good friends and still teaches me so much every time I am around her I learn something new

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