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A southern based graphic artist and founder of everything Blended, a lifestyle blog with

an eye for art, design, travel and motherhood.

Loblolly Festival - Laurel MS

My first experience selling in person was at Loblolly Fest in Laurel MS. I partnered up with Trash Cat Collective and shared a booth. Woke up at 3am, packed the car and headed out that way, got there at 6am and took about an hour to set up the whole area. It was my first time setting up my items physically. Most of the day was figuring things out and I am so dang glad I did this. My goal is to do more in person festivals! So the practice was really nice. It was early and the sun was out, it was kind of hot but not so much it was unbearable. These cute girls pulled together some money to purchase one of my favorite dreamcatchers I've made to date for one of their friends. They pretty much mad

Blending // Fall Line 2016 - Moroccan Tassel Necklaces

Visiting Morocco really changed me spiritually and emotionally. I took back so many things front that country and the people we met and places we went. It was such a magical experience. I used that emotion to develop these super tassel necklaces.

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