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A southern based graphic artist and founder of everything Blended, a lifestyle blog with

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Branding with TerraTropic Massage

TerraTropic Massage is a company based in the Tropics, a company that wanted to convey that feeling of freedom, relaxation and tranquility. Every room is surrounded by windows full of greenery. A relaxed feeling, almost homey in each room, where candles are lit and the masseuse is barely noticed. Sound waves that take you away from the idea of laying there in a towel. A website, a brochure and all social media needed to convey that same feeling. #Branding

Mini Betty Weaves in the Making

I've been working on a new line of mini dreamers, small enough to add to any gallery wall. Can't wait to play with this idea more!

Photoshoot with JennDPhotography

I set up a photoshoot with a few friends and Jennifer of JennD Photography. Necklace and bracelets that are not mine are TrashCatCollective. Purchase Third Eye Blue Earrings here. Purchase any bracelets here. Third Eye Handwoven Wood Pendant here. Black Eyelash Tassel Necklace here. Hand Woven Dreamcatcher with Crescent Moon Cut out here. Arrowhead Tassel Earrings here. Hand Painted Circle Pendant necklace here. Bow-lo clasp back tassel necklace here. Single Wood Bar necklace here. Chain Bolo here.

The Candle Creative

The Candle Creative started as a side project from Candelles Co. I have worked with Kelley over the last few years building up their brands, creating unique icons for their candles and playing around with ideas on packaging. Kelley is such a wonderful boss lady to work with. When she has an idea and she wants something, she does it. When she does it, she brings every boss lady she can think of along with her. The Candle Creative project came from an idea she had with working with other creatives and giving them the possibility to build up their own portfolios and stock. Kelley came to me with the idea and I completely fell in love. She asked me to create the logo and all the icons for the id

Largest BettyWeave to Date

I got to work on some really unique pieces over the holidays for gifts. This by far was my favorite and biggest woven piece I've made so far.


“different forms. one dog.” Sullybrate is a small paper goods company who's goal is to use images of Sully the English Bulldog to spread this unifying message of love: "Behind our different forms, we are one. Out there in the real world, what lies beneath our 'costumes' of race, gender, religion, income, occupation, interests, etc., is the same in each and every one of us." I worked under Lydia Reynolds from Austin, TX to help achieve a cohesive brand. I helped with layout and design for mailers to send to potential businesses. I also worked directly with the owner to help amplify her social media outlets and website.

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