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A southern based graphic artist and founder of everything Blended, a lifestyle blog with

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Little Rock, Arkansas

Driving into Little Rock was a breeze, we got checked into our hotel and went out to eat sushi at Kemuri, we had our first real sushi date since Kett was born and he got to be there with us! He did really well for having to hang out in a chair for almost 2 hours. He mostly wanted to play with the chopsticks. Our hotel didn’t have a refrigerator which I thought was the craziest thing, apparently its pretty common, but I have never stayed in a hotel that didn't have one. They sent one up so I could store milk thankfully!! The next morning we went to Mugs Café, ate the breakfast tacos, got all the coffee with a side of avocado for Kett and went on the the capital building. We realized quickly t

Memphis, TN

So I'll tell you this trip did not start out on the best note. We decided on our way to Little Rock we were going to meet Franks sister in Memphis and spend the weekend. We left around 11am and I did get to get a bit of weaving done on the rode but halfway there decided to stop at a truck stop for lunch. I decided to feed Kett before going into using the bathroom and getting food. So I brought his glass bottle with me to clean out and put back in the bag. Well in the bathroom it was of course slippery and I slipped and out went his bottle shattering all over the Womens bathroom floor. I wish you could have seen my face when it happened I had no idea what to even do. I just went to find someo

Punny Candles with Candelles

Working with Candelles is always so amazing. I love a good fun client who is up for my wacky ideas. We've worked together on quite a few things now and when I told her we needed to revamp those Punny Candles Kelley was completely down for it. Kelley came up with the puns and I came up with the designs to go with them! Hope you enjoy these as much as I love smelling them, because they are divine scents!! You can shop this whole line, here. #Branding

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