I'm Bridget

A southern based graphic artist and founder of everything Blended, a lifestyle blog with

an eye for art, design, travel and motherhood.

Plant Inspired Betty Weaves

I've always been attracted to plants, been an outdoorsy type girl, always playing with the bugs and things found in nature. I would climb trees for hours and hours when I was younger. So when we purchased our home, having a yard was one of our main wants. Although I knew I wanted a practical urban jungle inside my home. I brought over the few plants we had at our old place and started collecting new ones as the time went. I told people instead of gifts to bring plants, didn't matter what they were and they did. I got some beautiful planters from Nox Owl Clayworks, it felt like it was all coming together. I felt like I was getting into a rut with creating, not finding the time or the energy t

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