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A day in New Orleans

My brother lives full time in Spain, he has been there over 4 years. So a visit from him to the states is so very special. We got to spend a lot of family time together. Yesterday I went down to New Orleans to spend one more day with him before he heads back. He is such a great Uncle and I wanted him to get some good time with his nephew, the next time he will see him will be a whole year from now. So here is our day walking around New Orleans, getting drinks with friends and just enjoying our time together. All while pushing around our Bugaboo Fox, which happens to be the lightest stroller a mom could push. It was really so easy getting down the brick and unpaved roads of New Orleans. Dress

Jack Daniels Distillery

My brother has been in town, so we decided to head to Alabama to spend time with family. The Jack Daniels Distillery is only an hour away so my brother, mom and dad decided we should all go for the day and take a tour. It really was a neat experience. Although since we had a baby we weren't able to try the whiskey, total bummer, the tour really was lovely. #Travel #Tennessee #Family

Kindle and Kind

Kindle and Kind is a one top shop for top quality goods. Its a business child of Candelles and Honey and the Hive. Its main focus is to emphasize women owned businesses, with sustainable made in the USA goods and services. #Branding

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