I've always loved textiles and fiber. The endless possibilities with each piece having its own personality. The amazing experience in making these pieces is that the vision is completely collaborative with every client. There are some who have trouble with rest or nightmares, but there are also those who want to celebrate the life or death of a loved one, pay homage to a friend or mentor, cherish a new born baby and protect them.


It is always a unique vision and there is always

something very sacred and personal in each piece.

I am able to use to my art background to work with colors and texture and see a vision

and create it. I use this creativity to really convey positivity. From dreamcatchers

and necklaces to unique prints.


Never Limit Your Dreams. 

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100 Layer CakeA Beautiful Mess, Michael's (blog)Junebug Weddings, Southbound Bride, Frankie Magazine, Merriweather Council Blog, Michael's (instagram), Michael's (gallery) 


Before Kett was born and we moved into our first forever home we knew we wanted to create a space he could grow into and really cherish from birth into toddlerhood into childhood. It was important for me to have a space that he could truly grow into and would spark ima...

Sometimes when the time is right I get this really amazing custom order where someone sends me their color inspiration and where they are putting it, then trust me with the creative process of making something they will love and I will also love. 

That was one of t...

I realize as I begin writing this post I wanted to mention my own Boho Dream wedding but I have never blogged about it, it is a good thing our five year anniversary is in a couple weeks so I'll take that as the opportunity to do so.

In the mean time, I will let you know...

One of my favorite pieces I've created in the last few months was actually commissioned by my extremely talented friend Kelsey of Honey and the Hive. She and I met online almost 5 years ago, which is hard to believe it has been five years. We were so lucky enough to me...

I've always been attracted to plants, been an outdoorsy type girl, always playing with the bugs and things found in nature. I would climb trees for hours and hours when I was younger. So when we purchased our home, having a yard was one of our main wants. Although I kn...

Lately I have had some really amazing ladies wear my Blending jewelry! Here are quite the few stylish lovelies! There is one thing I love when I create pieces is that women whom I admire and love wear them and wear them strong, here are three beautiful women whom I can...

I have a whole new collection of jewelry I am putting out into the world. I have been making these the last couple of weeks but they have been in the works the last couple of months! Each necklace is carefully designed by me, each piece is unique to itself and every li...

Katryn and I became friends online, through instagram. She followed along on my BlendingbyBetty journey and we kind of just hit it off. She one day asked me if I wanted to collaborate on her senior thesis. It's always fun to do a whole collection and her style drew me...

As a female business owner there are so many ups and downs. Working for yourself is a constant battle between wanting watch Netflix and needing to do the work. Technology like @intel has really shaped the way I run my business. I'm a person on the go and having somethi...

I've been working on a new line of mini dreamers, small enough to add to any gallery wall. Can't wait to play with this idea more!  

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