Our trip to Washington D.C. was to serve one purpose, to see my best friend of over 15 years and meet her 6 month old baby, Penny. Caitlin and I met in High School and our friendship blossomed in college and then it just stayed in bloom forever. She has been by my side...

Portland has always been a dream city of mine to visit. I find it so bizarre that Frank and I have been all over the world but actually going places inside of the United States is far and few between. When we had Kett I told him this was our chance to really see our ow...

This will be short and sweet. I did so much research and bought a bunch of things and made a bunch of things, but this little list is what made it SOO easy for us and traveling 6 different flights over two weeks with a 15 month old. 

When I found out we were traveling t...

My brother has been in town, so we decided to head to Alabama to spend time with family. The Jack Daniels Distillery is only an hour away so my brother, mom and dad decided we should all go for the day and take a tour. 

It really was a neat experience. Although since we...

After leaving Anchorage/work trip, we decided to go to Vancouver for a week for our real vacation! We were already up there so why not am I right?

We flew from Anchorage to Vancouver and got in really late Thursday night. We stayed at an AirBnb with literally the best l...

This will be a long post full of beautiful photos, because there was really no bad photos taken around Anchorage, Alaska. 

We flew into Anchorage from New Orleans on Friday, June 16, took a taxi to the infamous Captain Hook Hotel where we had a gorgeous room overlooking...

Santa Monica and Venice Beach were WAYYYY more up my alley. 

Santa Monica


The city of everything amazing and it totally was!!!

Breakfast with Alyss!!

Getty Museum





I was lucky enough to go to Michaels Makers in California. With that opportunity I took the chance to rent a car and drive down HWY 1 to visit a friend and stay in Los Angeles for a couple days before flying back home. Here are some of my favorite images from the trip!...

When I got the email that I was chosen to attend the Michaels Makers Summit this year, I instantly thought someone was messing with me. I decided to apply on the last day with one of my woven dreamcatchers. A couple weeks went by I got the email I was attending and fli...

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